Prepaid Credit Card

Multiple Currency Support

Direct Bitcoin Deposits With Instant Currency Conversion

Anonymous Usage With No Credit Checks

100% Approval Promise

Enhanced Black Card £1500 Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

Worldwide Usage

Since the advent of the first blockchain and the introduction of Bitcoin, pioneers have experienced great rewards. With a market cap of over $63 billion Bitcoin has become more than just an idea and to some extent it has evolved into a movement.

Throughout the various bull and bear markets there has not been significant adoption or a platform which has linked Bitcoin to the real world in a meaningful way, hindering mass appeal and acceptance.

Taking this into account we have created a truly revolutionary platform which links Bitcoin to traditional fiat currencies, welcome to the world of BitMoolah. A true physical prepaid credit card which allows users to bridge the gap between digital and fiat currencies.


Available initially as a Gold Card we allow users to upgrade to our Black Card Program following AML & KYC verification.

We have also waived all deposit and withdrawal fees for the first 12 months, this includes ATM withdrawal fees!

Gold Card

  • £500 Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit
£ 24.95
RRP £89.95
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Black Card

  • £1500 Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit
£ 0
Free Upgrade From Gold
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A Bitmoolah prepaid credit card can be used exactly like a conventional credit card with the added benefit of being exclusively funded with Bitcoin.

Multiple Currency Support

BitMoolah is a true international prepaid credit card which operates provides support for Sterling, Dollar and the Euro.

Bitcoin Only Loading

As BitMoolah is a Bitcoin backed based prepaid credit card programme we only allow funding via your digital wallet in Bitcoin.

Generous ATM Withdrawal Limits

With a daily withdrawal limit of £500.00 or equivalent, this limit increases to £1,500.00 for our black card following full KYC and anti-money laundering verification.

Industry leading Max Load Balances

The maximum balance we allow on our gold card is £10,000 which is substantially increased to £50,000 for our black card.

Anonymous Usage

We take great steps to ensure your data is protected from prying eyes, as BitMoolah is a Jersey based company we are obligated to fully protect your personal information from third parties including governments and police forces.

Worldwide Acceptance

As we provide a physical prepaid credit card using the Visa card network, you can use your card like any other prepaid credit card. Allowing use in both online and physical face to face transactions.